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Marine and riverside assets present a unique and undeveloped opportunity for investment. The sector remains a mostly untapped asset class as many owners are unaware of the commercial possibilities.

Firco provides a complete end-to-end consultancy service to help investors improve the profitability of their assets. Our team has a strong track record of creating and enhancing revenue streams and improving utilization to ultimately boost your ROI.

Henry Day, our Group Operations Director, has an extensive background in alternative and marine-based assets so he oversees all investments in the sector. His specialist knowledge of the industry enables him to deliver expert advice on commercial development opportunities and how to improve the overall valuation.

Managing a marina business comes with various unique opportunities and challenges. By partnering with Firco, we are able to bring all elements together on a client’s behalf to add value.

Advice and planning

As part of our comprehensive advice and planning service, we offer guidance at every stage of the process whether this is for potential marine investors or for those looking to make better use of one they already own.

The Firco team is experienced in identifying marine assets where value can be added by increasing mooring capacity, utilising storage space or adding accommodation and catering facilities. We are also able to assist with finding the right site and negotiating the lease on behalf of clients.

Through careful mapping and planning, it is often possible to significantly increase the mooring capabilities of your marina or boatyard. We work closely with our clients, taking into account their business objectives, to produce a comprehensive strategy to help them do this.

We aim to identify all the improvements that can be made that will boost profitability and can advise on how to take advantage of underutilised land through additions such as installing container storage or providing ancillary services to mooring licensees.


Our team is highly technical and has more than 80 years of combined experience in delivering complex construction projects. We’re committed to executing plans to an exceptional standard, on time and on budget.

Once development opportunities have been identified, we can then complete all the necessary construction work and modifications to fulfil the brief.
We can help with creating births and moorings, reworking storage areas and constructing lodging and catering facilities as just a few examples.
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How we can add value

Through our expert advice and strong track record for delivering complicated briefs, we can help you monetise your marina, seize commercial growth opportunities and significantly improve the value of your asset.

Whether you want to secure long-term profitability or boost the value of your asset before exiting, Firco can advise on all capital investments.
Our team has excellent knowledge of the complicated legal requirements and regulations that are imposed on the industry, particularly in London and the South, meaning we are well positioned to advise you every step of the way.

Discover some of our featured services:

Firco Construction is an interior and exterior refurbishment specialist and also a main contractor operating throughout the UK. We are also available to take on commercial and industrial projects abroad.

The Firco Group has developed a significant investment portfolio, comprising of commercial and residential property in the UK. We take a long-term, sustainable approach to property investment and re-invest Group profits into our investment-arm.

Barnaby Sloane, our design division, provides a full-service pre-construction design and planning service. We can design specialist plans, architectural plans and CAD drawing as required.

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The Group is owned and managed by Group Managing Director James Day and his son Group Operations Director Henry Day. Together they represent the third and fourth generation respectively of the family and form a key part of the senior management team.